May 8th: Grania,%20Some%20Immigrants%20Face%20Loss%20of%20Custody&st=cse
This article (link above) describes one of the most hideous injustices of the US immigration system I have read about.  Can you imagine losing your rights to your child permanently just for unauthorized entry and using false documentation, something the vast majority of economic migrants are forced to do?  I’m a mother and grandmother, and I can’t.  It makes me cry, but it also makes me extremely angry. As bad as I know our policies are (yes, we are all responsible if we do nothing), I did not realize that detainees convicted of these ridiculous charges could have their parental rights terminated.  This is beyond outrageous. People of faith need to stand together to fight for a moratorium on all raids, detentions, convictions and deportations of immigrants stemming from simply unauthorized entry into the US. None of this will likely be addressed by comprehensive immigration reform.  We need to do more!

April 12th: Tina

For those who celebrate the season of Lent, it is a time to fast or at least withhold from a favorite or unhealthy food or habit. But as people prepare to break their fasts in celebration of a new season, I begin my fast this weekend. To me, this is a perfect time to fast because fasting is all about healing and rejuvenation.

When the hunger pangs subside, what results is an almost euphoric feeling. This is a time when the body is cleansing itself. It is also a time when the body and mind can align and the spirit can look inward. In the face of great injustice, pain, and trauma, inner peace can still be cultivated. We each need this inner strength to continue to seek justice in solidarity.

Almost two years ago, my husband was detained for three months and then deported. We still live apart. I was unable to eat during the time my husband was detained due to the trauma we experienced. Now, I am fasting not out of trauma, but because I am ready to heal. And because I will never forget the struggle that Roxroy and thousands of others are facing. This new Spring season is the perfect time.

April 8th: Janis

The Last 1/2 Hour Is the Worst

I fasted today as is the custom at FFF to do each Wednesday. I normally fast from sun up to sun down and I think I have the secret…Wake up, eat no breakfast and you will be well on your way to NOT feeling hunger pangs during your day of fasting. But as you get down to the end of the day, you will notice that you want to eat a bear, hunger pangs or no. When I start to think about it though, maybe the hunger pangs are the point. Maybe feeling the urgent need for food is like the urgency we need to feel to keep struggling on with our families, cases, and fight. So maybe next time I will let myself feel the pangs as a reminder of the urgent need that we are aiming to meet with this fast, struggle and movement.

April 6th: David

All day I’ve been thinking about two outbursts of gun violence over the weekend, one in Binghamton, NY, and the other in Pittsburgh, PA. On Friday, April 3, Vietnamese immigrant Jiverly Wong opened fire inside the American Civic Association, a volunteer organization offering classes in citizenship and English, until fourteen people (including Wong) were dead. He was 41 – exactly my age – and I thought about how differently those same years had gone for the two of us. Wong had taken English classes at the center, and apparently felt that his inability to improve his command of the language was a factor in keeping him isolated and unemployed since losing his job in November – part of the most sweeping increase in joblessness this country has seen for generations. When I taught English as a Second Language at a volunteer center in the 90s, I took my work seriously, but I confess I never treated it as if lives were hanging in the balance. They may have been.

The next day, Richard Poplawski opened fire on East Liberty police responding to a 911 call placed by Poplawski’s mother. The native-born Poplawski, 22, was laid off from a glass factory earlier this year; his father (presumably around my age) had left the family many years before. Reportedly, Poplawski had increasingly associated with explicitly racist, anti-semitic and anti-immigrant organizations and websites, and had fixated on the belief that the incoming Obama administration would take away his guns. When his mother opened the door to officers Paul Sciullo and Stephen Mayhle, Poplawski was waiting with an assault rifle, other firearms, and a bulletproof vest, and killed the policemen almost immediately. Another officer responding to the call, Eric Kelly (also 41) was shot upon arriving at the scene and died soon thereafter. Four men of different ethnic backgrounds and family histories which brought them all to the same city on the same night. Unlike Wong, Poplawski is alive today, in custody.

There are a lot of conclusions one could draw from these shattering events, but what my thoughts keep coming back to is this: Immigration in the United States is a difficult, complex, multifaceted issue. If we can’t resolve a simple case like Roxroy Salmon’s – a hard-working, clear-thinking, family-loving man, a man who’s doing his adopted country a favor by living here rather than the other way around – what chance do we have of solving any of the truly difficult cases?

March 26th: Alina

I fasted today to honor Roxroy, his family, and the thousands of other families who today face the threat of being torn apart by the deportation system. Roxroy has humbled and inspired me by his amazing spirit and his deep faith that we can come together and change the system so that it respects family unity and human rights. I believe in him and the power of his dreams for all of us.

March 25th: Manisha

I fasted on Wednesday this week! It was a busy day at Families for Freedom (FFF), which was nice because it kept my mind off of the hunger. This is the third week that FFF has fasted for Roxroy. It’s exciting to see so many people fasting for the cause! I have one small request to those of you who are fasting and checking the website regularly: please ask someone you know to sign up for the fast. We have many days in April and May to fill up. Share with them Roxroy’s story, why you got involved, and direct them to this blog!!

March 25th: Grania

I fasted today instead of Tuesday as I’ve been sick and thought not eating might not be such a great idea. We’ve welcomed 3 new members to First Pres’ New Sanctuary Committee since Christmas–all of them enthusiastic and knowledgeable and two of them young! Two things I’ve read lately I recommend to you: Jane Guskin and David L. Wilson, The Politics of Immigration: Questions and Answers (2007); and a new Amnesty International report on immigration detention called “Jailed Without Justice” which you can find here: This is a timely report and I pray that this will at the very least lead to ending this horrendous system. I’ve only read the Executive Summary but plan to read the whole report.