About RoxRoy

RoxRoy Salmon is a national of Jamaica who has lived in the United States for the past thirty years. He came to the U.S. with his father when he was a young man to seek a good education and to accomplish his goals.

He has four beautiful children that were born in the U.S. He also has a daughter who was born in Jamaica. He adores all of his children. He lives with three of his children: Natasha, an 18 year old who attends Long Island University for legal studies, Nyasia, a 15 year old studying design at her high school and Elijah, a 12 year old in middle school.

RoxRoy is an organizer at Families for Freedom and a member of the New Sanctuary Coalition. Because of minor drug convictions from over 20 years ago, he is facing removal proceedings. He believes that everyone deserves their human right to stay with their families. He is working hard to pass legislation that would keep his family together: HR 182, the Child Citizen Protection Act (CCPA). This bill, if passed, would allow immigration judges the power to use their discretion in Roxroy’s case, allowing them to stop his deportation.

RoxRoy’s attorney is seeking “deferred action,” which if accepted, would grant him temporary relief from deportation. He qualifies for deferred action consideration as an extraordinary case due to his family responsibilities, his standing in the community and the circumstances of his convictions, which resulted from guilty plea bargains that RoxRoy agreed to on the advice of his attorney at the time. Only Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) Field Office Director Chris Shanahan has the power to allow Salmon temporary freedom to remain in the US, close to his family, loved ones, and community. Field Office Director Shanahan can be reached at 212-264-2413.

In RoxRoy’s own words:

“Can you imagine forces trying to separate you from your family? One has to live it and experience it to understand. It’s an outrage and an unexplainable feeling. I’m living that experience right now.

We the families are reaching a place of desperation, not knowing what tomorrow will bring. For years, our communities and families have been destroyed by an immigration system that does not respect a person’s basic humanity. The families scarred by this brutal system live all around us.

I live and breathe for my children. It is my greatest honor. I teach my children decency and moral values because I was brought up that way. I teach them to be good human beings: to love God, themselves and their neighbors. I just can’t bear the thought of being away from my family – most of all my children and grandchildren, my brothers and sisters and my mother.”

For more information about Roxroy’s immigration case, the CCPA or to find out how you can help support his family, call Families for Freedom at (646) 290-5551 or the New Sanctuary Coalition: (212) 477-0351.

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**The photo of RoxRoy and his son is by photographer Mizue Aizeki.