July 2nd: Rachel

I’m fasting for RoxRoy because I don’t know what else to do.

Because I see how many hours have been dedicated to stopping RoxRoy’s deportation and yet we still tread so solemnly towards the 7th, the day of his last hearing.

All of this time and energy to try to stop the deportation of one dad whom we have come to know and love. All of this time and energy required to at least resist what the system threatens to do to his family…while hundreds of thousands of dads today are trudging in his same heavy shoes.

I fast for strength. I fast to remind myself – as RoxRoy always reminds me – that the Spirit is the true advocate and the true reality from whom we derive our hope. It’s not about the petitions or the letters or the long meetings – it’s about the Spirit running through them and bringing us closer to each other. I fast to be brought closer to that primal reality, which is a comfort and guide in these worrisome days.

Who will tell RoxRoy’s baby granddaughter, London, where “YaYa” has gone? Who will explain to 13-year-old Elijah why his dad has been taken when he most needed him? Who will account for so great a loss?

I am fasting
Because RoxRoy’s spirit cannot be detained.
Because RoxRoy’s love cannot be deported.

I am fasting to remember that mountains can move.


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