May 8th: Grania,%20Some%20Immigrants%20Face%20Loss%20of%20Custody&st=cse
This article (link above) describes one of the most hideous injustices of the US immigration system I have read about.  Can you imagine losing your rights to your child permanently just for unauthorized entry and using false documentation, something the vast majority of economic migrants are forced to do?  I’m a mother and grandmother, and I can’t.  It makes me cry, but it also makes me extremely angry. As bad as I know our policies are (yes, we are all responsible if we do nothing), I did not realize that detainees convicted of these ridiculous charges could have their parental rights terminated.  This is beyond outrageous. People of faith need to stand together to fight for a moratorium on all raids, detentions, convictions and deportations of immigrants stemming from simply unauthorized entry into the US. None of this will likely be addressed by comprehensive immigration reform.  We need to do more!