April 12th: Tina

For those who celebrate the season of Lent, it is a time to fast or at least withhold from a favorite or unhealthy food or habit. But as people prepare to break their fasts in celebration of a new season, I begin my fast this weekend. To me, this is a perfect time to fast because fasting is all about healing and rejuvenation.

When the hunger pangs subside, what results is an almost euphoric feeling. This is a time when the body is cleansing itself. It is also a time when the body and mind can align and the spirit can look inward. In the face of great injustice, pain, and trauma, inner peace can still be cultivated. We each need this inner strength to continue to seek justice in solidarity.

Almost two years ago, my husband was detained for three months and then deported. We still live apart. I was unable to eat during the time my husband was detained due to the trauma we experienced. Now, I am fasting not out of trauma, but because I am ready to heal. And because I will never forget the struggle that Roxroy and thousands of others are facing. This new Spring season is the perfect time.


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