March 19th: Zach

For as long as I can remember I always fasted once a year. When the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur came around, I would look forward to the fast, solely because of the celebration that broke the fast. On that day each year I would contemplate my actions from the past year and think about what I would like to change for the coming year to ensure that I don’t have regrets. While there is certainly nothing wrong with considering oneself, I found that when I fasted last week, my thoughts went to a different place. Because I woke up at 6:45, with Roxroy on my mind, and was reminded each time my stomach growled why I was fasting.

 I thought a lot about what Roxroy and others in his situation are going through. I thought about how difficult it must be to be separated from those you love, people essential to your life, for something you did 20 years ago.I thought about the things I take for granted; my family and friends being present in my life, controlling where I will lay my head at night, how the feeling of hunger, which hit me hard around 2 pm is temporal, while the separation of families is not. But most of all I thought about my own childhood. I thought about my 12th year on earth and how important my father was to me. Then as the hunger came back, my thoughts again returned to Roxroy and his family, and I thought about Elijah and what his memories of his 12th year will be.


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