March 19th: Grania

I fasted today (Thursday) because I forgot on Tuesday—a sign that I need to simplify my life a little. I am not only spending more time babysitting for my grandson, but also trying to respond in many ways to Roxroy and his family, and to the volume of requests to support various initiatives about immigration reform. A little overwhelming with the physical pain I’m in. So it is time to give thanks for all those who give me hope and inspiration: Thank you to the Pastors and Deacons at First Presbyterian Church for their assistance to Roxroy’s family, to the Church & Society Committee for their continuing support of the New York New Sanctuary Coalition, to the members of the First Pres New Sanctuary Committee who have planned and implemented several educational and advocacy efforts at First Pres and serve on Roxroy’s defense committee, to Families for Freedom for their never-ending work to give voices to the voiceless and their inspiration to all of us, to those many members at First Pres who have signed petitions, supported the Child Citizen Protection Act (H.R. 182) and the Haitian Protection Act (H.R. 144), and contributed in countless ways to the fight for Roxroy’s freedom and the unity of his family. And to the faith communities, faith leaders, and staff who make the New York New Sanctuary Coalition a beacon of light. Especially, a big thank you to Roxroy for his constant courage and inspiring work on his own behalf.


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