March 10th: Grania

I fasted today from 6 AM to 8 PM, taking only 2 cups of tea with a little sugar. I’m feeling pretty shaky now, but it helped me a lot when I was tempted to go to the refrigerator, to remember that Roxroy and his family face almost daily struggles to pay their bills and feed their family. Roxroy is not allowed to seek employment since he was stripped of his work authorization due to his immigration case. Because of the economy, his wife’s work has been cut to two days a week. Few of us have known that kind of insecurity, although now millions and millions more immigrants and US citizens do. Even though my income is quite low, I know that I can count on what I do have. That is the crucial difference between me and Roxroy’s family, and this difference is enormous. Fasting kept bringing to my mind the 2 years after I lost my decently paid job in 1995. When the unemployment benefits ran out, and I still didn’t have a full-time job with benefits, I worked 4 part-time no benefits jobs with variable hours just to survive and keep my house and my son in college. It wore me down both emotionally and physically, so I am constantly amazed by the faith, courage, and good humor Roxroy continues to bring to everyone involved in his defense. It is easy for us to forget the insecurity that burdens the lives of so many immigrants in the US. Fast and remember!


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