March 8th: David

I picked a great day to fast in support of Roxroy Salmon’s struggle to win his immigration case and stay with his US citizen family. For one thing, I sat next to Roxroy and two of his children – Elijah and Nyasha – at our worship service at First Presbyterian Church today, and then we stayed around during coffee hour to meet people and chat. For another thing, thanks to daylight savings time, my day of fasting is only twenty-three hours long!

I’m a person who loves to eat, as my wife could tell you, and fasting isn’t the kind of thing I’m naturally inclined to do. But I wanted to help kick off this campaign in support of the Salmon family’s right to stay together as a family, and I noticed something… I kept having thoughts about food, not because I was hungry but because it’s just part of my routine: “I’ll get coffee and an apple on the way to church… oh no I won’t.” “Some people are going out to lunch after coffee hour, should I go too? I guess not.” “What are we going to have for dinner tonight? Oh, right.” A bake sale. Microwave popcorn with a DVD. Nothing earth-shaking but they’re all markers in my day, social events, structure, things I ordinarily do. And that got me thinking about how Roxroy’s family would be impacted if he had to leave the country. Yes, of course they would be devastated without his steady work and support as head of the household and father. But they’d also miss a thousand smaller things, just little things throughout the day and around the house, that we don’t always take the time to notice or think about… things that fall into the background or are taken for granted. And that’s something that’ll be on my mind tomorrow morning when I have my breakfast, and for a long time to come.


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